Snitch AI Subscription FAQ

What’s included in my Snitch AI subscription?

All plans include :

  • Access to all features (Monitoring, troubleshoot with test results and all validation reports)  
  • All updates throughout your subscription
  • Technical support 
  • On-boarding session 

Do you offer monthly subscriptions? 

Yes, we offer monthly subscriptions. Please contact at for more details. 

What's a project?

A project consists of the models and datasets related to a specific use case. IE. Predict churn, Music recommendation system, etc.

You can have as many active projects as your subscription allows. Our subscriptions are offered with 1 project, up to 5 projects, and up to 20 projects. You can always archive an unused project to free up a project on your subscription.

If you need more than 20 projects, simply contact us at for a tailored subscription plan.

Can I try Snitch AI for free before purchasing?

Yes! We offer a free 15-day trial here. No credit card is needed.

How can I purchase my subscription?

You can purchase with a credit card from within Snitch AI. Simply log in to your Snitch AI trial and click on ''Buy now'' in the top right corner. Then select your plan and click on ''Checkout''. Fill out and submit the order form. Your receipt will be sent by email immediately.

Can I purchase without a credit card?

Yes, we accept wire transfers. Simply reach out to our sales teams at and we'll assist you.

Got any other questions we didn't answer? Write us at and we'll get back to you.

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